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Recycling Guide

You can help support ACO sustainability efforts by recycling the components of your package according to the instructions below. Please note that not all product packaging may be recycled. Check with your local recycling center to determine what ACO materials are acceptable for recycling in your community.

Much of ACO’s product packaging is recyclableand it should not end up in the normal household waste. Instead, it is time for the material to make itself useful in the recycling loop. Once recycled, it can be recovered for new packaging material or converted to energy for homes and communities.

Plastic bottles and closures

The material we choose for our packaging depends primarily on the content, how the product is made and the packaging design. Most of ACO's bottles and closures are made from polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene terephthalate (PET), which are common types of plastic used in consumer goods. Empty plastic packaging marked as recyclable should be sorted with other plastics.


Glass is a great packaging material because it forms a good barrier and does not absorb any odor or substances from the contents. The closures of ACO's glass packaging are made of plastic. The empty product packaging can be sorted as glass and the closure as plastic.


For the environment, of course, carton is a good optiofor packaging. Carton, or paperboard, is made from a natural resource, and ACO always aims to securwood fiber and paper packaging from sustainable sources. Carton packaging also typically can be recycledTo sort, simply place your empty carton into the recycling bin along with all your other recyclablessuch as cans, plastic and glassPaper recycling programs can vary, however, based on your area. Check with your local program if you have questions about your carton containers.

Know your no's

While we remain committed to using environmentally-friendly packaging, we acknowledge that not all materials can be recycled. To support the efforts of our recycling centers, please know that it is best to keep mixed component items, such as a dropper cap or a plastic pump with metal springsout of the recycling stream.

It is always good practice to check with your local recycling center to determine what is acceptable at your facility. 


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