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Our Story

The ACO story is rooted in Sweden with a deep scientific heritage. Tracing back to the beginnings of storefront pharmacies, the ACO brand was founded in 1939 by the Apotekarsocieteten who sought a way to combine their formulas under a brand that also would act as a quality stamp. True to their roots, the ACO name was chosen as an abbreviation of Apotekens Composita, meaning “the pharmacy's mixture.”

Building on that strong foundation, ACO laboratories were established with strict specifications for product safety. Research and development in skincare for ACO products progressed during the 50's and 60’s, when we produced skin creams, toners and lotions. The importance of skin hydration was emphasized, and for the first time, the term “moisturizer” was used on ACO products.

During the 80’s, ACO enhanced product packaging and began advertising on television. As the demand for ACO products grew, ACO expanded into Norway, and then Finland and Denmark, and later Germany. Late 2021, ACO debuted its top-selling facial skincare products in the United States.

Today at our laboratory in Kista, Sweden, the ACO innovation team continues the work that was started generations ago. Our formulas may have changed with new ingredients and technologies, but our values have not. We remain committed to innovation and developing gentle and effective products for all skin types, especially sensitive skin. We’ll continue to increase our knowledge of skincare, but our primary ingredient will remain the same – the expertise, experience and knowledge of our scientists who are passionate about helping your skin be its best.

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