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Your skin is tight and can be sensitive to cold or dry air. Dry skin needs a lot of moisture so it can heal. Nourish your skin with hydration. Dry skin needs moisture, moisture and even more moisture!

1. Cleansing

In the mornings and the evenings

Always start and end your day by gently cleansing your face to remove dirt and other impurities. A facial toner can help to remove residues of makeup. Use a toner that does not contain alcohol so that it doesn't dry out the skin. Toner supplies the skin with moisture and prepares it for the next step in your skin care routine.

2. Oil

In the mornings and the evenings

Use a nourishing oil to deeply hydrate the skin. Dry skin needs moisture, and an oil can offer protection from irritation, aging and the harsh outdoor elements while helping you to maintain a more youthful look.

3. Eye cream

In the mornings and the evenings

The skin around the eyes is thin and particularly sensitive. It is therefore important to use a cream that is especially suitable for this area. An eye cream can soothe the skin and help it look softer and feel smoother.

4. Moisturizer

In the mornings and the evenings

Use nourishing day and night cream for deep and intensive moisturization. Moisturizing creams can provide extra rich intensive care and give the skin a soft feeling. They also can replenish and rebalance your skin’s hydration.

Tip: Apply your moisturizer to damp skin.

5. Extra

In the mornings and the evenings

If your skin feels dry during the day, a hydrating facial spray is a good option for you. The spray can treat your skin to an immediate moisture boost, and the spray can also be applied over makeup.

The information contained in these topics is not intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, and is provided for educational purposes only.

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