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About Us

As an established brand in the Scandinavian beauty community, we have had the honor of working with many outstanding personalities over the years (81 to be precise). Together with influencers, supporters, scientists and fans, we have developed further and are now in the fortunate position to play a role in this strong and empowering beauty community.

We are passionate about questioning the conventional definition of beauty and fighting for a better future with empowering campaigns and an open community. We value everyone in our community, and we strongly believe that strong relationships are built on a common ground of values ​​that we won't compromise on.

We hope that our values ​​give you a feeling of self-confidence and that you look forward to becoming part of our ACO community

Välkommen in!

Ärliga - honest

We are straightforward, open, and don't make promises that we can't keep

Självsäkra - Confident

We are strong, brave and proud

Includerande - Inviting

We are warm, caring and approachable

Kunniga - competent

We are experienced, proven and are constantly improving

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