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Caring for your Combination Skin

To care for your skin correctly, you first need to know your skin type. Most people think of categories, such as dry, oily or sensitive, but the reality is that skin can be more than one skin type. Combination skin is often characterized by the fact that the skin feels different on various parts of the face. In most cases, the T-zone, i.e. forehead, nose and chin, feels greasy or oily, while the cheek and eye area is rather dry. The oilier parts of this area are also more prone to pimples or blemishes.

The ACO Pure Glow series provides specialized care for combination skin. Ingredients such as deep-cleansing Salicylic Acid (BHA), exfoliating Papain, protective Vitamins C and E, and smoothing Niacinamide prevent blemished skin, reduce fine lines and give the skin a natural glow.

This is how you use the products in your daily care.


The first step in your daily skin care routine is always cleansing, preferably both in the morning and evening. The ACO Pure Glow Renewing Daily Cleanser is an effective cleaner that gently removes makeup, impurities and dead skin cells. It deep-cleanses pores without drying the face. The skin becomes soft, clean and even, and it looks healthy with a natural glow, thanks to Salicylic Acid (BHA) and exfoliating enzymes such as Papain.

FAST FACT: Papain is an enzyme extracted from papaya (Carica Papaya).

Pure Glow Renewing Daily Cleanser, face cleansing, skincare routine, clean beauty


Ready for a game-changer? Introduce a boosting serum to your routine. In contrast to a daily moisturizer, serums contain higher concentrations of ingredients to protect and restore the skin. The new ACO Pure Glow Perfecting Serum has a light consistency, and it is easily absorbed by the skin. It contains Vitamin B3, better known as Niacinamide, which improves skin tone, smoothes the skin and reduces pigmentation spots. In addition, the serum contains ultra-moisturizing Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin E, which protect the skin from free radicals and prevent fine lines.

Pure Glow Perfecting Serum, face serum, clean beauty


The skin needs moisture, even if the T-zone sometimes feels greasy and oily. The ACO Pure Glow Purifying Day Cream contains Hyaluronic Acid, which binds moisture and improves the elasticity of the skin; Sarcosine, which reduces shine and oil production; and Vitamin C, which protects the skin from free radicals during the day.

Pure Glow Purifying Day Cream, Moisturizer

Don’t be confused by your combination skin. Our Pure Glow line was specifically designed to give you balanced, glowing skin.

The information contained in these topics is not intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, and it is provided for educational purposes only.

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